Browhaus Training Schedule

Conditions to Qualify as Model
Please read and ensure that you are not of any of the conditions listed below before making an appointment. Kindly declare if you are under any medication/ medical condition for us to determine your suitability for a particular treatment. Trainer reserves the right to refuse performance of the treatment on models coming late and with any disclosed medical conditions which may be adversely affected by the treatment.

  • Non-existing Strip and Browhaus customer
  • At least 18 years old (Below 18 years old must be accompanied by parent.)
  • Non- consumption or application of Accutane, Roaccutane, Retin A, Vitamin B and/or AHA within the past 6 months prior to the appointment date
  • Free from any skin disease or medical condition example Keloids, Diabetes, eczema etc.
  • No medical operations within past 6 months on the area to treat.
  • All semi-permanent treatments are not suitable for any medical condition, breastfeeding and pregnant women.

Booking of Appointment
You can WhatsApp/Telegram/SMS to +6596633159.

Information to provide – Name, Treatment, Date, Time
(e.g. Name: Jess, Treatment: BR Classic, Date: 17/03/2017, Time: 3.00pm)

*Please note that we are closed on Sat, Sun and PH (unless stated otherwise).

Address: 60 Jalan Penjara, Singapore 149375. (Off Margaret Drive)
*We are NOT located on the Swettenham Road or Pierce Road. (Please take note when you take Taxi or Grab.)

Landmarks: Queenstown Public Library

Nearest Bus Stop & Number: 32 & 122.
Alight at bus stop of Queenstown Library (11481) or Opp Queenstown Library (11489).

Nearest MRT: Queenstown MRT Exit C (7-10minutes walk) Directions to Spa Esprit Group (1)

Semi-Permanent Treatment Tune Up

  • Please note:
  • Touch up session is optional.
  • One-time touch up session is valid for all semi-permanent treatment EXCEPT BR Soft.
  • All touch up sessions must be booked through Academy within 3 months from the date of treatment.
  • Touch up session is at model’s own cost.
  • No last minute booking (At least 14 working days in advance before the expired date for touch up).
Treatment: Lip Define
Date Slots Available
07-Jun 3.00pm
08-Jun 3.00pm
11-Jun 10.15am / 3.00pm
12-Jun 10.15am / 2.00pm / 4.00pm
13-Jun 10.15am / 2.00pm / 4.00pm
14-Jun 10.15am / 2.00pm
Treatment: Eye Define
Date Slots Available
21-Jun 3.00pm
22-Jun 3.00pm
25-Jun 10.15am / 3.00pm
26-Jun 10.15am / 2.00pm / 4.00pm
27-Jun 10.15am / 2.00pm / 4.00pm
28-Jun 10.15am / 2.00pm / 4.00pm
29-Jun 10.15am / 2.00pm
Treatment: BR Classic
Date Slots Available
19-Jun (Tue) 10.15am & 3.00pm
20-Jun (Wed) 10.15am & 3.00pm
22-Jun (Thur) 10.15am & 3.00pm
23-Jun (Fri) 10.15am & 3.00pm
25-Jun (Mon) 10.15am & 3.00pm
26-Jun (Tue) 10.15am & 3.00pm
27-Jun (Wed) 10.15am & 3.00pm
28-Jun (Thur) 10.15am & 3.00pm
Treatment: BR Soft
Date Slots Available
29-Jun (Fri) 2.00pm & 4.00pm
02-Jul (Mon) 10.15am, 2.00pm & 4.00pm
Treatment: BGY (Browgraphy – Brow Shaping + Color Tweak)
Date No. of Slots Available
11-Jun 2.15pm / 4.45pm
12-Jun 10.15am / 2.15pm / 4.30pm
13-Jun 10.15am / 2.15pm / 3.45pm / 5.15pm
14-Jun 10.15am / 2.15pm / 3.45pm / 5.15pm
Treatment: BTW (Brow Tweezing)
Date No. of Slots Available
6-Jun 2.30pm / 4.15pm
7-Jun 10.15am / 2.15pm / 4.00pm
8-Jun 10.15am / 2.15pm / 3.45pm / 5.15pm
Treatment: BTH (Brow Threading)
Date No. of Slots Available
19-Jun 3.00pm / 4.15pm / 5.30pm
20-Jun 10.15am / 2.15pm / 3.15pm / 4.30pm / 5.30pm
Treatment: THW (Brow Thread & Tweeze)
Date No. of Slots Available
26-Jun 3.00pm / 4.15pm / 5.30pm
Treatment: CW (Complete Workout)
Date No. of Slots Available
19-Jun 10.15am / 2.15pm / 4.30pm
20-Jun 10.15am / 2.15pm / 4.30pm
21-Jun 10.15am / 2.15pm / 4.30pm
25-Jun 10.15am / 2.15pm / 3.45pm / 5.15pm
27-Jun 10.15am / 2.15pm / 3.45pm / 5.15pm
28-Jun 10.15am / 11.45am / 2.15pm / 4.00pm
29-Jun 10.15am / 11.45am / 2.15pm / 4.00pm
2-Jul 10.15am / 11.45am
Treatment: ED (Eye Define)
Date No. of Slots Available
5-Jul 3.00pm
6-Jul 3.00pm
9-Jul 10.15am / 3.00pm
10-Jul 10.15am / 2.00pm / 4.00pm
11-Jul 10.15am / 2.00pm / 4.00pm
12-Jul 10.15am / 2.00pm / 4.00pm
13-Jul 10.15am / 2.00pm
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